Ghana On The Verge of Losing Major Workforce to Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) -Ghana Health Bemoans; Sends Message To The Public -[DETAILS]

Ghana On The Verge of Losing Major Workforce to Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) -Ghana Health Bemoans; Sends Message To The Public -[DETAILS]

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Major Workerforce in Ghana is gradually fading away due to Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs), according to Ghana Health Service.

Dr. Hafez Adam Tahen, Director of External Health Operations at the Ministry of Health, has lamented the rising prevalence of diabetes as a result of Cardiovascular disease (CVD), putting the country’s workers at risk.

He believes the most dangerous effect is the shift in demographics from the older to the younger generations, thereby making Ghana on the verge of losing major workforce.

He was addressing on behalf of the Minister of Health, and he revealed that Ghana was on the verge of losing a significant portion of its workforce due to cardiovascular disorders.(CVDs).

Making a remark at a two-day event hosted by the World Heart Foundation and the Ghana chapter of the Stroke Association Support Network (SASNET) in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Participants in the event included both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

Despite worries that CVDs may cause the nation’s employment to decline and the changing demographics that have led to rising health care costs, the country’s workforce is nevertheless expected to grow over the next few years.

He lamented the fact that each year, various healthcare facilities in the nation record roughly 200,000 reported instances of diabetes.

Despite the fact that Ghana is dealing with a dual disease burden from communicable diseases and NCDs, NCDs appear to be becoming more prevalent as a major cause of hospital admissions and fatalities.

According to Mrs. Elizabeth E. Denyoh, the chairperson elect for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Africa Region, diabetes is a chronic condition that can cause kidney failure, stroke, damage to limbs that can lead to amputation and impotence, particularly in men, and eye diseases that can cause blindness, necessitating the attention of specialists.

She voiced alarm about the rise in herbalists claiming to have diabetic cures, which has complicated the treatment for the condition.

She concluded by pleading with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to swiftly identify proactive means of resolving the problems caused by ads for herbal remedies.


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